A Roman Christian Silver Treasure
from Biddulph, Staffordshire.
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Title: A Roman Christian Silver Treasure from Biddulph, Staffordshire
Author(s):K. S. Painter
Online Publication date: 1975
Volume: 55 Start page:62
Publication: The Antiquaries Journal
DOI: 10.1017/S0003581500035484
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0003581500035484


ABSTRACT Summary In 1971 the British Museum bought a fourth-century silver spoon with Christian symbols. An undated document acquired with the spoon showed that it was the survivor of a hoard from Biddulph, Staffordshire. In 1973 notes made in January 1886, about the discovery of the spoon, were found in a notebook compiled by A. W. Franks. The newly acquired spoon proves to have been one of a hoard of four spoons found at Whitemore Farm, Biddulph. The find-place of the spoon suggests a possible direct link between Chester and Buxton, while its dating adds to the sparse testimony for late-Roman life in the north-west of the province. The style of the lettering may indicate that the spoon was made in the East Mediterranean, and the Christian symbolism adds to the stock of evidence about the cult in the western Roman Empire.

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